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Why You Should Learn Kanji?

In Japanese, there are about 2000 common Kanji. Kanji is arguably the most prominent part of the Japanese writing system. The elegant characters, originally adapted from Chinese, make up most of the Japanese. You can see it written in books, magazines, on signs, and everywhere. Understanding kanji is elementary to fully comprehend the Japanese language and culture. So if you choose to learn Japanese, you definitely should gain a very good knowledge of Kanji.

Kanji by JLPT Level

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test ( 日本語能力試験), usually abbreviated to JLPT, is the main standardized test of Japanese ability for non-native speakers. The test is conducted worldwide annually with an average of about 600,000 participants per year. The JLPT is composed of 5 different levels, from 1-5 with 5 being the most basic, and 1 being the most advanced.

  • JLPT Kanji N5: At the N5 level, the JLPT expects you to know 80 ~ 100 kanji to pass.
  • JLPT Kanji N4: N4 is the second level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). To pass N4, you will need to know about 300 Kanji and about 1,500 vocabulary words.
  • JLPT Kanji N3: To pass N3, you will need to know about 650 Kanji and about 3,700 vocabulary words.
  • JLPT Kanji N2: In total, you need to know roughly 1000 Kanji for N2.
  • JLPT Kanji N1: N1 is the most difficult level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). To pass JLPT N1, you will need to know about 2,000 Kanji.